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Web Marketing Academy’s Live Instructor-Led Digital Marketing Training Online

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Turn your hobby into a potential career
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Web Marketing Academy offers live Instructor-led digital marketing courses online to address the challenges — and explore the incredible potential—of conducting business in the digital age.

Web Marketing Academy’s online digital marketing course provides customized, updated, targeted, and relevant strategies to improve your approach to users online.

Our convenient, fully virtual (live online) digital marketing course is taught by expert instructors live online, who will be your mentors, dedicated to helping you gain a thorough knowledge of the concepts and skills needed to succeed in the digital space and become a confident digital marketer.

Our Digital Marketing Online Course will empower you to think strategically, not just tactically. You will be able to confidently develop a powerful digital strategy for your company, team, agency partners and achieve the business objectives and goals based on data

Program Benefits:

Work on a real-time live project as a group
Implement SEO, run Google ad campaigns
Create social media organic and paid campaigns
Learn how to tell a story in the different format of the content
Create content, videos, blogs, run email campaigns, with easy-to-use tools
Come up with a successful Digital Marketing Strategy/Plan
How to allocate the budget, find resources for all types of businesses
Measure the effectiveness of all digital campaigns and take actionable insights through Google Analytics, which give you the confidence and experience you need to face this competitive world.


We will help you find that digital marketing job that you will always enjoy
Start a career in digital marketing 
Help you in your personality development
Prepare and make you confident in running successful campaigns with desired results which can help you create a solid portfolio for your resume
Help you prepare a case study for the project you have worked on
Help you think like a digital marketer and help you put together a digital marketing plan
Help you use the tools to simplify your day to day digital marketing job
Help you prepare for your digital marketing job interview 

What’s Included:

200+ Hrs of Live Instructor Led Trainings - Value: Rs 1,00,000
Detailed Digital Marketing Study Material - Updated Every Quarter - Value: Rs 30,000
Sample Digital Marketing Templates, Proposals and Reports - Value Rs 20,000
Class Recording for Future Reference - Value Rs 30,000 
Live Ad Campaigns (Google Ads & Social Media Ads) - Rs 2000 per student
Live Projects (Building a website, implementing SEO, Running ad campaigns)
Life time Mentorship - Value (Priceless)
Dedicated Offline Mentor Support (Phone, Email or Video)
Placement Assistance

Total Value of Rs 1,80,000/- Now @ Rs 55,000/- + GST 

Flexible Instalments or Loan Facilitation Available

By the end of this online digital marketing training,

You would have built a strong professional portfolio of real-time live projects that YOU worked on during the course. This is what your future employer or client likes to see. You will be able to share examples and evidences to showcase your learnings, experiences, and potential for employment opportunities.

Live Projects for each module

6+ Globally accepted Certificates

200+ Hours of Hands-on Practical Training

Interview & Placement Assistance

Upcoming Online Digital Marketing Training Batch Details (*Tentative Dates)

Startdate : 20th Aug 2020
Days : Monday - Friday
Time : 02:30PM - 05:30PM

Startdate : 07th Sep 2020
Days : Monday - Friday
Time : 10:30AM - 01:30PM

Startdate : 14th Sep 2020
Days : Monday - Friday
Time : 02:30PM - 05:30PM

Startdate : 04th Oct 2020
Days : Monday - Friday
Time : 10:30AM - 01:30PM

Online Digital Marketing Training Methodology

01. Digital Concepts

Key to mastering any subject is to get the fundamentals right. We focus and ensure that all the students are clear on the basic essential concepts of the subject before moving ahead.

02. Hands-on Live project

Theory learning gets complimented when one gets to practice, implement & derive desired results. That’s where live projects help where students get to practice and get familiar with various tools, interface and its real-time functionality.

03. Certification

All the learned & earned knowledge needs evaluation from industry known authorities and this is where Certification plays a major role. Its also a good thing to add on to one’s resume for job applications.

04. Placement Assistance

We help and support students in their job hunt & also assist them with resume preparation, interview questions, body language, interview handling tips, etc.


Students stories on becoming a confident digital marketer

Placements @ Web Marketing Academy

You will receive complete support from us until and after the completion of the online digital marketing course.The placements team at Web Marketing Academy will constantly be in touch with you via email to update you about the job openings from the beginning of the Digital marketing course. You are free to choose to apply to the job of your choice.

Some of the companies our current alumni are working with are:




# 1003, Ground Floor

12th A Main Road, 2nd Cross Road,

Indira Nagar Bangalore, 560008

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Intensive Digital Marketing Course with specialized experts for each topic
Practical, live, hands-on, one-on-one training
High-quality, intensive training
Lifetime mentorship as anyone who joins WMA becomes a part of our WMA Family
We believe in sharing our knowledge with passion
Encouraging students to make mistakes and learn from them

The approach to our virtual classes (Online Live Digital Marketing Training)comes with renewed intensity and passion to teach and share our knowledge. Similar to our offline courses, we will have live projects, case studies, one-on-one mentorship, interactive and lively sessions with a total batch strength of max.10 students. 

Yes, 10 students per batch! This is to ensure individual attention to all our students. 

One thing we can continue to guarantee you is high-quality and personalized training as always. 

This is the right time for you to stay on top of market trends. This online digital marketing course is going to help you develop new digital leadership skills - for your own career growth or for starting something on your own or just to enhance your existing skills. There is something for everyone. 

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Program Overview:

Web Marketing Academy provides modern Online Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore. Globally recognized Digital Marketing certificate programs. At WMA we help you develop the necessary Digital Marketing skills in today’s digital-first world.

  • You’ll be trained from the basic concepts, get to practice, implement them through practical assignments & gain hands-on experience by working on live projects.
  • By the end of this Online Digital Marketing Course, you’ll know how to develop a digital marketing strategy to be at the forefront of the competition. Read more detail about what you will learn in the module tabs.
Concepts of Digital Marketing
  • Overview of Digital Marketing
  • The What and Why of Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Channels in Digital Marketing
  • Advantages and disadvantages for each channel
  • Scope & Career options in the Digital Space
  • What is Buying cycle? How it is relevant to Digital Marketing?
Website Planning
  • Introduction to Websites
  • Difference between Website and blogs
  • Importance of Websites
  • Pre-requisites for a website
  • Elements of Website
  • Website Layout Planning
  • Building a wireframe for the Website
Affiliate Marketing
  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • What is Affiliate marketing and how it works
  • Difference between Advertiser, Publisher and Affiliate networks
  • How to make money through Affiliate Programs
  • How to signup for Affiliate networks and Integrate with a website
  • What are the Pre-requisites for Affiliate marketing?
  • Top affiliate marketing platforms in India
  • How to create an effective affiliate Strategy?
  • Introduction to Google Adsense
  • Adsense vs Other Ad Networks
  • How Adsense works?
  • Adsense approval Process
  • Adsense account setup and interface
  • Different types of ad networks
  • How to integrate ads in a Website/Blog
  • How to Monetize a blog/website through Adsense
Fundamentals of SEO
  • Introduction to SEO
  • History of the Internet and how it got Started
  • Types of Search Engines and How it works
  • SEO Techniques
  • Different types of SEO
  • White hat, Black hat, and Grey hat SEO
  • What is Google Crawler/Bot?
  • Google Algorithm and its importance
  • Understanding webmaster guidelines and use-cases
  • On-page SEO and its steps
  • What is Page rank and its importance
  • Off page SEO and Strategy
  • Google Algorithm updates [Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Rankbrain and more]
  • Different types of keywords and the importance of keywords in SEO
  • How to do Keyword Research and tools to use
  • When and where to use: Transactional keywords & Informational Keywords
  • Title Tag, Meta description, Anchor Links, Header tags
  • Image and Video Optimisation
  • What are Backlinks? How to build an effective Backlink Strategy
  • Do’s and Dont’s of link building
  • Universal SEO [Youtube Video Optimisation, Image, PPTs, and Audio Optimisation]
Voice Search Optimisation
  • Introduction to Voice SEO
  • What is Voice Search?
  • Importance of Voice Search in 2020
  • Voice Search vs Personalised Search
  • What is Position zero?
  • How to achieve position zero?
  • What is EAT?
  • Importance of Structured Data
  • Optimizing your content for Voice SEO
  • How Alexa and Google Home work
Local SEO
  • What is Local SEO? How it works
  • NAP Listings
  • How to optimize a local business
  • Business listing on GMB (Google My Business)
  • Getting verified on GMB
  • Posts, Events & Product listings
  • Importance of Google Reviews
  • GMB Analytics
Advanced SEO
  • What is a Sitemap? Different types of Sitemap
  • XML, HTML Sitemaps and its importance
  • What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?
  • How to create an AMP site
  • Robots.txt
  • Http Status Codes ( 404, 301, 503 …)
  • Advanced Search Operators and how to use it
  • What is the Knowledge Graph?
  • What are the featured snippets? Types of featured snippets
  • Zero Results, Answer Box
  • How to rank in the featured snippets?
  • Page speed optimization
Technical SEO
  • What is Schema markup?
  • Different types of Schema
  • How to implement Schema Markup?
  • What is structured data? Importance of structured data in SEO
  • Rich snippets, Rich Cards, Carousel
  • What are Broken links? How to find Broken links?
  • Search console: The tool & how to use it
  • Handling AMP errors
  • Search Analytics and how to analyze the data
  • What is 301 Redirection? How to implement it?
  • Introduction to Blogging
  • Evolution of blogging
  • Web 2.0
  • What is a blog?
  • Why blogging? -- Importance of blogging
  • Blogging for business
  • Different Blogging Platforms
  • Who can blog?
  • Blog topic ideas
  • Tools for blogging
  • Formats
  • Structure of a blog
  • What makes a good blog
  • Examples of good blog
Content Development & Marketing
  • What is Content?
  • Formats of Content
  • How we consume content
  • Best practices for content
  • Brainstorming for content
  • How to come up with Content
  • Content plan/strategy
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Marketing
  • Tools to come up with content
  • Analyzing Content Performance
SEO Auditing
  • What is SEO Audit?
  • Importance of SEO Audit
  • How to perform an SEO audit for a website
  • Manually Auditing a Website (without using tools)
  • Auditing using Tools
  • SEO Tools
  • Ahrefs, Moz, SEMRush, Screaming Frog
  • Pagespeed Analysis Tools
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis for your website and competitor site
  • SEO Audit Report and best practices
  • Building an SEO strategy based on Audit Report
ASO [App Store Optmisation - App SEO]
  • Keyword research
  • Consumer behavior
  • Pirate metrics
  • Hook model
  • Google Play search console
  • App tools -- App Annie
Google Smart Campaigns
  • What are Smart Campaign?
  • Why Smart Campaigns
  • Types of Smart Campaigns
  • How to set up a Smart Campaign
  • Who should use Smart Campaigns?
  • Insights and Reporting
Google Search Advertising
  • Introduction to Search Network
  • Importance of Quality Score and Ad Rank
  • Campaign Structure and its importance
  • Understanding Campaign Goals to reach business objectives
  • Campaign Settings
  • Types of Bidding Strategies
  • Types of Ad-copies
  • Ad-Extensions
  • Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Research for Google Ads
  • Setting-up a Search Campaign
  • Ad scheduling and Budgeting
  • Keyword Match Types and its importance
  • Setting up Conversion Tracker
  • Negative Keywords and how to use them effectively
  • Search Term Report
  • How to use auction Insights for Competitor Analysis
  • Analyzing Campaign Performance
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Analysis and Reporting
Google Display Advertising
  • Introduction to Display Network
  • Targeting Options in Display Network
  • Ad Formats in Display
  • Campaign goals
  • Display Ads vs Video Ads
  • Campaign Settings
  • Types of Bidding Strategies
  • Analyzing Campaign Performance
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Analysis and Reporting
Youtube Advertising
  • Types of Ads on Youtube
  • Types of Video Ads
  • Skippable v/s Unskippable Ads
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Campaign Settings and Features
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • Campaign Analysis and Reporting
Shopping Ads ( E-Commerce Ads )
  • What are Shopping Ads?
  • Who can do Shopping Ads?
  • Benefits of Shopping Ads
  • How shopping ads work
  • What is a Google Merchant Account?
  • Setting-up a Google Merchant Account
  • Importance of product feed and how to create and update?Setting up Shopping Campaigns
  • Campaign Analysis & Optimization
Mobile App Advertising
  • What are the Universal App Campaigns
  • Who can do them?
  • Setting up the Campaign
  • Features of UAC
  • How to increase app install through paid campaigns
  • How to promote your app on Search, Display Network & Google Play store
  • Campaign analysis and optimization
  • Reporting
  • Remarketing v/s Dynamic remarketing
  • Setting-up Remarketing Tags
  • Creating Remarketing Lists
  • How to create a remarketing campaign for Search, Display and Video Ads
Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook History
  • How Facebook Newsfeed works (Facebook Algorithms)
  • Facebook for Business
  • How to optimize Facebook Business page
  • What is facebook custom tabs? How to integrate it?
  • Types of Facebook Groups
  • Difference between Profile, Page, and Groups
  • How to do Facebook Competitor Analysis?
  • Tools for Competitor Analysis
  • What is Facebook Branded Content? Who should do it?
  • What is Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin?
  • How to integrate it in the website?
  • Types of Facebook posts
  • Facebook post -- Best practices
  • What is Canvas/Instant Experience? How to create it?
  • How to schedule a post on Facebook?
  • Tools for scheduling posts
  • Facebook Creator Studio -- How to use it?
  • Facebook Sound Collection
  • How to plan a content calendar for your Business
  • How to create an engaging post?
  • What are Facebook Insights?
  • Analyzing Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Types of Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • What is Facebook pixel? How to integrate it?
  • How does Pixel work
  • How to track conversions from your Facebook ads
  • Types of Facebook Audience
  • Facebook Ads -- Best Practices
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Facebook Ads for Local Business
  • Facebook Store Visits Campaigns
  • Facebook Product Catalog
  • Facebook advertising for E-commerce
  • How to integrate Instagram Shopping from Facebook
  • Facebook Ads Analysis & Reporting
Linkedin Marketing
  • What is Linkedin?
  • Why Linkedin?
  • Importance of a good Linkedin Profile
  • Linkedin Profile Optimisation
  • The Linkedin Profile URL structure
  • Linkedin Profile Badge
  • Types of Posts on Linkedin
  • Importance of Articles on Linkedin
  • Degrees of Connection and why it’s important
  • Career AdviceSalary Insight
  • Social Selling Index
  • Jobs on Linkedin
  • Creating Job Alerts
  • Types of Messages on Linkedin
  • Types of Accounts on Linkedin
  • Other Linkedin Products
  • Linkedin Groups
  • Linkedin Power Power Profiles & Influencers
  • Company Pages on Linkedin
  • Affiliate Linkedin Company Pages
  • Company Page Analytics
  • Linkedin Content Suggestions
  • Linkedin Advertisements & Types
  • Linkedin Target and Bidding Options
  • Linkedin Ad Tracking and Reporting
Instagram Marketing
  • Instagram History
  • Why Instagram?
  • Instagram Algorithm
  • How to use Instagram for Business?
  • Optimizing Business Profile (BIO)
  • Types of posts on Instagram
  • Good practices / Optimizing Instagram post
  • Branded Content
  • Instagram Insights (How to check and Analyse)
  • Instagram Stories
  • How to get engagement through Stories
  • Instagram Story Highlights
  • What is IGTV?
  • Why IGTV?
  • How to optimize IGTV Video
  • Instagram Ads
  • Types of Ads
  • Pre-requisites to do Ads
  • Tools for creatives and stories
  • Tools for Scheduling post
Pinterest Marketing
  • What is Pinterest?
  • Why Pinterest?
  • Understanding Boards and Pins
  • Business profile optimization
  • How to use Pinterest for Business?
  • How to optimize a Pin and Board
  • Different types of Pins (Rich Pins)
  • How to use Rich Pins
  • Pinterest Insights
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Analysis & Reporting
Youtube Marketing
  • Importance of Youtube
  • Importance of Video Optimization on Youtube
  • How to monetize through Youtube?
  • Youtube Channels
  • Youtube Community
  • Youtube Stories
  • Youtube Live
  • Case Study on a Youtube Channel
  • Youtube Creator Studio
  • Youtube Analytics
  • Youtube Channel Settings & Customisations
  • Youtube Video Manager Features
  • What is Quora?
  • How Quora works
  • How to answer a question
  • Quora ads
  • What makes a good answer
  • Strategy for Quora
  • Importance and role of Quora in SEO
  • Twitter History
  • Why Twitter?
  • Importance of Twitter
  • How to use Twitter for Business?
  • How to optimize your Business profile
  • Good practices for tweeting
  • Understanding of Lists and Moments
  • Successful Brand case studies
  • Twitter Insights
  • Twitter Ads
Basics of video editing
  • Importance of Video Content
  • Types of Videos
  • All that goes into making a video
  • Video Resolutions/Aspect Ratios for various devices
  • Introduction to Pre Production/Planning -- Idea, Script, StoryBoard
  • Introduction to Video Production -- How to shoot a video
  • Introduction and tools for Post Production -- Mobile/ Software Video Editing
  • Practical Assessment -- Creating a video
  • What is a Podcast?
  • Importance of Podcasting
  • Pre-requisites for a Podcast
  • Optimizing a Podcast
  • Podcast Marketing
  • Performance Analysis
Inbound Marketing
  • Traditional Marketing V/s Online Marketing
  • Channels in Traditional Marketing
  • Channels in Digital Marketing
  • Understanding Business Objectives
  • Converting Business Objectives into KPI’s
  • SWOT Analysis and why companies should them
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Buyer Persona
  • What is Inbound Marketing?
  • Inbound Marketing -- The process
  • Process Implementation of Inbound Marketing for a Business or a Campaign
Email Marketing
  • What is E-mail Marketing?
  • Types of E-mail
  • What is ‘Bounce’?
  • Types of Bounce
  • What is Spam?
  • Reasons why your emails land in spam.
  • List Management
  • Content Development
  • E-mail Templates
  • Overview of E-mail Marketing Tools
  • Types of Automation in Email Marketing
  • A/B Test
  • Reporting
  • Introduction to Web Analytics
  • Importance of Web Analytics
  • Google Analytics account set-up for a website
  • Embedding tracking code on a website
  • Difference between Account, Property, and views
  • Defining KPI’s
  • Measuring KPI’s
  • Real-time data tracking
  • Understanding Consumer Behaviour through Audience insights
  • Customer Lifetime Value Metric Report
  • Understanding Acquisition Channels
  • Analyzing and Understanding Website Insights
  • Linking of other accounts
  • Importance of Campaign URL Builder and its usage
  • Defining Goals, Conversions & Events
  • Multi-channel funnel and E-commerce tracking
  • Attribution Models and its usage
  • Difference between Properties & Views
  • Creating Views
  • Applying Filters to Views
  • Creating Custom Alerts
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Using Web Analytics Data to come up with future marketing strategies and plans
Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Understanding the product
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Why, what, when and how of the business
  • How to identify the platforms
  • Identifying the Target Audience
  • Allocation of budget
  • Identifying the Resources
  • Duration of the Campaigns
  • Coming up with a Campaign (sales) pitch
  • Identifying formats of content
  • Planning a calendar
  • Analyzing historical data
How to get freelance projects
  • How to make a career through freelancing?
  • How to source clients?
  • How to approach/pitch to a client?
  • Proposal and Budgeting
  • Costing
  • Proposal & Reporting Templates
Story Telling

Digital Marketing Tools

Mock Interviews

Resume Preparation

Interview Preparation

Blogs & Resources

Students live digital marketing projects:

Abhay Singh Kumpawat

Blogs & Custom Phone Case for Every Pet

Dr. Balu Vura

Problem-solution consultancy services

Punit Gala

Photography Website

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